Monroe Piercing Jewelry: Everything You Need To Know

A woman’s jewelry is exceptionally precious to her. Her view of it has remained unchanged since ancient times. Quite the opposite, in fact. With mass production rallying the stuffs over a virtual catalog, a lady today has so many more options. Recently, there has been a new trend. Tattoos used to be considered avant garde at one time, not too long ago. These are body jewelries. However, the trend has broadened today. A variety of body jewelry is available both on brick-and-mortar stands and online. They are extremely popular. Piercing Jewelry

Beautiful Piercing Jewelry

Since many designers are inspired by archeological finds, ancient-looking jewelry is growing in popularity. Ancient styles are on the rise again. It is possible to find jewelry with a lot of gold, pearls, and other precious stones. The bracelet that Maggie Gyllenhaal wore looked like the one seen in Pompeii. When The Dark Knight premiered, she wore a bracelet that looked like a corsage.

Jewelry with piercings.

From gold, silver, and surgical steel to plastic, wood, and bamboo, there are many materials used for body jewelry. Names for piercing jewelry are based on the shapes and places where it is pierced. Here are some examples.

Rings for Engagement

You can now find engagement rings in a variety of price ranges. Although some young women prefer the classic diamond engagement ring, there are now many new styles that can fit any budget. The engagement rings still convey a message of love and can match a young lady’s personality. Solitaire rings with fewer carats are available. Some of them are filled with smaller diamonds, which is more cost-effective than buying a large chunk of rock. Eternity rings are also gaining popularity.

Jewelry for Lip  Piercing Jewelry

Wholesale fashion accessories will be incomplete without jewelry for “unconventional” piercing like those found in the lip. Wholesale distributors also have customers who are on the lookout for great stylish jewelry. As a word of advice, when looking for this specific kind of jewelry, make sure that you take note of the metal that is used. Most of them which are recommended are made out of stainless steel. You may also find the following types of piercing


It is a type of piercing that is done through the eyebrows, usually vertically. Directly above the eye to the edge of the eyebrow, it can be pierced. In cases of eyebrow piercing, banana barbells, captive earrings, and curved barbells are suitable jewelry. It is true that the eye area is quite sensitive, so after being pierced you need to take extra care.

Jewelry for non-pierced bodies Piercing Jewelry

The non-piercing body jewelry is similar to the piercing body jewelry, but does not require a person to have his or her body pierced in order to wear it. Magnets, glue, and clips are often used to attach this type of jewelry to the body. Stick-to earrings, nipple shields, and nipple chains are quite common. The beauty of our body can be enhanced by wearing piercing jewelry. However, it is also associated with certain risks, such as scarring, affections, and allergies. Taking proper care of pierced parts requires some precautions. Pursuing beauty at the expense of our health is not wise.

Tongue and lip

Monroe and Medusa are the two types of lip piercings. The Monroe is an upper lip piercing. Above the upper lip, just below the septum, is where the Medusa piercing is located. Most lip piercings use studs. The middle tongue piercing is becoming increasingly popular. It can be adorned with barbells.


Nipples can be adorned with various types of jewelry. A nipple shield, a nipple chain, a nipple ring are familiar. From roses to whirlpools, there are many design options. The jewelry looks quite sexy and private there. However, it could have a negative effect on a new mother’s

The nose Piercing Jewelry

There seems to be a fashion trend spreading like wildfire among nose piercers. The most common kinds of nose piercing are nostril piercing, nasal septum piercing, and bridge piercing. Stumps and rings come in a variety of designs for nostril piercing jewelry. It’s the captive bead rings and circular barbells that win people’s hearts.