Review Of Quality Rings Or Another Jewelry Scam By I Spy Jewelry

¬†Interested in purchasing a necklace or ring from I spy jewelry Are you familiar with TikTok’s discount code for the store? Learn the reasons why is not a legitimate I spy jewelry store. Among fraud categories reported by the FTC in 2021, online shopping and fake reviews are the second most common ones. To ensure our readers’ financial safety, we review all products, stores, and websites.

Describe I spy jewelry:

Customers can purchase items worth $120 for just $29 when they buy items from I spy jewelry Customers receive a 75% discount on all items and free shipping. As we warned previously, I spy jewelry is not a reputable jewelry store and is similar to 310Drip, Kagura, and Ossare. According to our investigations, the store appears to be located in the UK, but in reality, it is based in China. Their Facebook page has a lot of negative feedback. The company offers no contact information. We received a picture from a customer about her Sterling Silver ring that rusted after a few days.

Scam Alert I spy jewelry:

The term “I spy jewelry” has been searched for a lot in recent months. People are wondering whether it is a scam. Unfortunately, yes. Avoid shopping on this website! Scam Alert_I Spy Jewelry_0112 Customers have complained of not receiving their order from the website. Additionally, whenever they contact the shop, no response is received, and there is no standard procedure for requesting refunds and resolving disputes.

I Spy Jewelry Legit:

As you can see, I spy jewelry has a number of red flags. This jewelry store had a bad reputation for taking more than a month to deliver orders to customers. There is no phone number on the website, so they were unable to contact this store. I spy jewelry appears to be an unreliable online store that sells jewelry. When the jewelry finally arrived, it was disappointing to find that it was not quality jewelry. Despite selling rings of repute, this store sends customers poor quality imitations. The rings are not worth $20, despite the discount code and the free shipping.

Our Final Verdict:

I Spy Jewelry is a suspicious website based on all the facts stated above. The “Suspicious” category features a lot of suspicious websites that you can view by clicking, and the “Scams” category shows various types of scams, and if you choose to navigate our website from the home page, you’ll find many interesting and informative articles under different categories. If you have an opinion about this company, then please feel free to share it below. Additionally, do not hesitate to share this review on your social media accounts with your friends and family to let them know about this online store.

Shipping & Delivery:

It takes more than a month to deliver the goods, even though the estimated delivery time is 2-4 weeks. Since they ship from China, the package takes longer than expected. Even after the payment has been made for almost a week, the tracking information shows that the order has not yet left the warehouse. This store’s refund policy is nothing but a sham. As a result, you would have to pay a shipping fee of up to half the cost of the jewelry.