Gallery Dept Going Out Of Business

Why is gallery Department closing?

Several bits of his label’s Instagram page were updated with an (intentionally) ambiguous letter announcing Gallery Dept’s closure. Thomas explained that Gallery Dept. has been aiming to produce high quality products and reduce resource usage from the beginning.

Who is Josué Thomas?

Josué Thomas, a designer and artist, is the creator of MR-PORTER’s new concept brand Gallery Dept. This is not Thomas’ first venture into designing. Over the phone, he says, “I’ve tried to do it all my life.”. He is located in Los Angeles, the brand’s headquarters, studio, workshop, and showroom.

Who makes gallery dept clothing?


With pieces worn by Rihanna, Virgil Abloh, and Taz Arnold, Thomas in Los Angeles’ Gallery Department was founded four years ago and has been very successful in the fashion industry since then. The brand’s remaining inventory can also be found at top-tier boutiques like Ssense, Mr. Porter, and Luisaviaroma via Gallery Dept Clothing. As of September 11, 2021, the department store will close. Thomas recently posted about his plans to open a café and bar called Le Bar de musique de la Galerie on his personal Instagram account.

How long does it take Gallery Dept to ship?

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What should a woman wear to an art gallery?

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Continuing their romance in Beverly Hills on Monday evening, Lanvin and Gallery Dept. continued their romance. Lanvin and Gallery Dept. have collaborated at least twice. In collaboration with Lanvin, the team hosted a sophisticated soirée filled with champagne and tequila. A number of West Coast elites purchased Lanvin’s latest collection at a rapid pace, and that’s to be expected. Collaborations like these tend to produce well-designed garments, paint-splashed sneakers and accessories, and they’re generally unisex and apply to any time period. A designer and artist, Jose Thomas practices the philosophy “Collaborate, Create, and Rebel.”

It is Bruno Sialelli, Lanvin’s creative director, and his team who consistently introduce the latest fashion trends. Since Bruno joined Lanvin in 2019, Lanvin has received a large amount of support from both existing and new clients. The third oldest operating luxury brand (after Hermès and Louis Vuitton) is undergoing a resurgence, thanks to recent faces such as Naomi Campbell, Paris Hilton, and Bella Hadid. Due to its designs and collections, Lanvin has maintained an enviable position in the luxury fashion sector.