Gold jewelry Designer Megan-Marie is Introducing the “Althea Collection,” a New Collection of Lavish Gold Rings Bracets, and Earrings for Everyone

Presenting Megan-Marie Gold, Designer:

In addition to being a jewelry maker, Megan-Marie holds a doctorate in physical therapy. Her early love of jewelry developed into a passion in her mid-twenties when she was looking for a creative outlet. She handcrafts all of her jewelry and designs, beginning with late-night study of instructive YouTube videos, followed by metalsmithing basic workshops in San Francisco, and now fabrication at a bench in New York City. From manufacturing to wearing, she loves to think of each event as a small garnish for life.

All jewelry is original and handcrafted:

Check out All of the jewelry from the Althea Collection that Megan-Marie hand-designed and hand-assembled below. She has merged traditional methods and workmanship with cutting-edge luxury design to produce distinctive, timeless pieces.

Megan-Marie publishes additional styles:

These one-of-a-kind chains allow you to alter the length and clasp of your very own necklace, bracelet, or anklet. Keep checking back and following along as Megan-Marie publishes additional styles for everyone in the upcoming season!

Stunning jewelry Collections:

Petite Herringbone Bracelet,

The length of this 7″ golden herringbone bracelet is 2.7mm. intended to be worn alone or under other bracelets.

The bracelet can kink easily and cannot be mended once it does so due to its distinctive style, so wear it with extreme caution.

Joline Earrings Collection

These Joline Earrings were made to be worn both on the town and throughout the day. They have a balanced design with an ovum led square interior and rounded square exterior for a classic and striking appearance.

They were purposefully made to look like entire loops and feature solid posts as backings.

Made-to-order pair of solid 14k yellow gold earrings, each measuring about.5 inches by.5 inches.

Petite Flat Anchor Necklace

Slideshow picture open, little flat anchor necklace

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When purchasing, shipping is calculated.

One enduring link is the flat anchor chain. Although it is a modest size for everyday wear, it glows brightly as it hangs flat around your neck. This offering is for a chain with a 1.8mm width that comes in several lengths. Specify the preferred length when you ask.

Thick Stacking Ring

These solid gold rings, which combine classic and contemporary decoration, are stunningly bold when stacked. They measure 2.5mm in width and are composed of 14k yellow gold.

Note that the pricing only applies to one ring. In stacks of two or four, it is advised.

Handcrafted with 14 kt. gold that was sourced sustainably. For production, kindly allow two to four weeks.