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How To Choose The Right Swimsuit

We have just entered the month of June and we are already looking forward to going to the beach or pool to have fun and do our “summer pose”. For this we need to have all our swimwear, towels, hats, carrycots and sun creams up to date. Have you already done the review of all the elastics of the swimsuits, those that seem to be, but when you go to put it on, the elastic begins to creak, break and widen the expandable? Surely you know what I’m telling you right and now it’s time to renew it.

The suitible swim wear can be Select from kameymall. Well, today I bring you a summary of how to choose the right swimsuit? This is a game, the game of knowing how to compensate, do you want to play? Prepared…. let’s start!!

What do we want to achieve? Hide hips.

If what we want to hide are the hips, we must compensate for the volume by making the eyes go somewhere other than our hips, such as towards our neckline.

And how we do it? Leaving the part of our hips as simple and basic as possible, and giving prominence to the upper part.

We will give this protagonism through necklines or straps with ruffles, prints, different necklines or straps, beads or decoration… in this way our upper part will draw more attention, and they will barely see the lower part. Goal achieved!!

What do we want to achieve? Mark waist.

The bodies that do not have a waist, that are rectangles, or on the contrary, those that are hourglass, and really do have a compensated body, to wear a good swimsuit and make them look slender, they must mark the waist.

Rectangular ones, as is the case of Olivia Palermo, should draw a waist where there is none, and a solution for this is to look for swimsuits or bikinis that provide this effect. How? through draping at the waist, belts, openings, decorations, color changes… triquinis are a very good option.

For the hourglass bodies that are compensated, why can’t they wear any type of swimsuit-bikini, if they really are compensated? Why would they break down? If they provide volume below, it will seem that they have hips, and if they contribute it above, it will seem that they have a back or a lot of chest. We can look at Sofia Vergara, she is a master drawing and showing off the curves of her body without seeming unbalanced.

What do we want to achieve? Conceal wide back.

And what should we do in this case? Very good, add volume to the lower part of the body, give prominence to the hips so that the eyes go to this area and do not focus on the shoulders.

We can resort to panties tied on the sides, with ruffles, fringes, beads… or we can even play at putting on the top part of the bikini in a plain and neutral tone, and the lower part printed and luminous.

V-necklines are an excellent option, while strapless necklines or boat necklines will further define this area.

What do we want to achieve? Hide curves.

To hide curves we will focus on marking the waist well, and avoid creating volumes at the top and bottom.

We can opt for high waisted cheeky bikini or swimsuit that have a good reinforcement on the chest, so we have everything well placed and fastened.

Swimsuits or briefs that are gathered or draped at the waist work great for hiding your belly. The optical effect they cause is very flattering.

And the panties that have the lowest cut, or are culottes, or retro lines (higher and wider) look great on this type of body.

We can look for swimsuits whose print helps to better define the curves by playing with the optical effect they cause.

Bonus track.

Now I’ll give you a bit of Inspo so you can see how the top ones do know these little tricks and know how to play with them.

ou already have all the information to be the most stylish this summer under the sun. I hope that all these tricks will help you choose the perfect swimsuit.