Luvme Hair Blonde Wigs: Styling and Maintenance Tips

Changing your natural hair is exciting as it transforms your appearance. But maintenance is challenging, as you must ensure the color remains unchanged. The care process is the reason many dreads this. But blonde wigs will help you avoid these care processes.

They are pre-styled and colored, so you don’t have to deal with root regrowth and touch-ups. This article will offer key things you need to know about styling and maintaining a blonde wig.

Table of Content

  • Style Options to Try with Blonde Wigs
  • Tips to Ensure a Comfortable and Natural-Looking fit
  • Benefits of Luvme Hair Blonde Wigs
  • Where to Buy Blonde Wigs
  • Conclusion

Style Options to Try with Blonde Human Hair Wigs

Short Curly

You should consider choosing this style if your preferred wig length is short. This style will offer extra texture and make your hair look voluminous. You can achieve short curls with hot rollers or large curlers. But ensure you apply a heat protectant spray. After curling the hair, you can comb using your fingers to ensure you look more natural.

Long and Straight

You are probably familiar with this style; it is classic and evergreen. It is a hairstyle you can try out any time and will still be good. It is also achievable with your blonde wig; you only need a flat iron to straighten the wig, and next, you can use a paddle brush for a finishing touch. Depending on what you want, you can also add little waves.

Short Straight with Bangs

This is an ideal style option if you have a heart-shaped or round face. The straight hair will lengthen your face, and the bangs will be a frame. You can use a flat iron and a fine-tooth comb to achieve this look for a finishing touch. In addition, you can trim the bangs to any length you choose.

Short Water Wave

If you want something fun and funkier, try this style out. Same with the short curls, it will add more texture and volume to your hair. In addition, it is an ideal styling option if you have a round or heart-shaped face.

Straight Blonde Bob with Dark Roots

This is a trendy hairstyle; it is all you need to keep yourself at the center of attraction. The straight blonde bob with dark roots looks great and is easier to maintain. This is a style anyone can try out and can work with all settings (casual or formal). In addition, the dark roots help you appear more natural and beautiful. If you love solid hair colors, you should try this.

Tips to Ensure a Comfortable and Natural-looking Fit while Wearing Blonde Wigs

Style Your Natural Hair

This first step will determine how comfortable the wig will be and whether it will look more natural. If your natural hair is long, you can braid it into cornrows to create a flat base. This will ensure your wig looks more comfortable.

Practice Good Wig Hygiene

Proper maintenance is great for your blonde wig; it keeps it healthy and preserves its shape. Ensure you wash, condition, and store the wig appropriately, following the manufacturer’s guidelines. In addition, ensure you detangle the hair regularly using a wig brush or wide-tooth comb to remove knots and prevent breakage.

Use Sulfates-Free Shampoos

Stay away from hair products containing sulfates. Any shampoo that lathers or produces bubbles contains sulfates. These chemicals will remove natural oils and hair proteins from your wig. The blonde wig has been bleached already, so you don’t need to expose it to harsh chemicals. To preserve your hair, only opt for sulfates-free shampoos.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

As much as possible, keep your blonde wig away from the sun. Constant direct exposure to the sun will damage both your skin and your blonde wig. The UV rays from the sun will dry the hair strands and change the color of your blonde lace fronts into a brassy color. If you need to step outside in the sun, you should wear a hat to protect your hair. 

Also, you can invest in a heat-protectant serum. Applying the serum before you step into the sun will ensure the sun does not change the color of your favorite wig.

Benefits of Luvme Hair Blonde Wigs

Complete Transformation

This is the first advantage of wearing a blonde wig; it will change your look completely. A blonde wig is an ideal option if you want to explore new colors and styles that will transform your look. You don’t have to worry about dyeing or bleaching your hair.


Different styling options are available for blonde wigs; they come in different styles and lengths and offer endless versatility. Blonde wigs can come in curly or straight textures, long waves, bobs, and shades of blonde. This versatility lets you switch your look according to the occasion, trends, and mood.

Protection for Natural Hair

This is the same for other wigs; wearing a blonde wig will protect your natural hair. It gives your hair a break from chemical treatments, environmental damage, and styling tools.

Confidence Boost

Blonde wigs transform your look, and this can positively impact your self-confidence. According to research, blonde hair is associated with a vibrant appearance, youthfulness, and femininity. You appear more beautiful and energetic.

Where to Buy Blonde Wigs

Blonde wigs made from human hair will last longer and offer more styling options. This explains why you must buy a high-quality blonde wig from a reputable wig retailer. Different wig brands are online and offline, so choosing the best might be challenging. However, to help streamline your buying process, you can try out reputable and reliable brands like Luvme Hair.


Your hair collections can never be complete without having blonde wigs in them. They are versatile; the hair texture will enhance your facial features and ensure you look more beautiful. This article provides information on how to style and maintain them. In addition, the benefits will convince you to buy a blonde wig today.