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The Ideal Men’s Shirt To Wear A Smoking

When you are invited to a party where the dress code requires you to wear a tuxedo, it is very important to consider what image you want to give. The type of event and you are personal are some of the issues that you must take into account when choosing your tuxedo shirt.

However, despite the popularity of this type of party suit, most of our customers doubt what men’s tuxedo shirts exist and how they should be combined. Here are some tips that will help you show off a sophisticated and masculine style at your next event.

What Kind Of Fabrics Are Perfect For A Tuxedo Shirt?

Elegant, refined and quality. If there is something you should be clear about, it is that a men’s tuxedo deserves to be accompanied by an haute couture shirt.

One of the most valued fabrics by shirt makers, to make tuxedo men suits, is poplin. The touch of this fabric is very pleasant and soft. In addition, it is highly valued for its permeable composition by guaranteeing greater perspiration of the body. The classic Tuxedo shirt has a piqué fabric on the chest, cuffs and collar. It can also be a bib with small drawstrings.

And The Color Of The Shirt?

A classic g shirt should be white or cream. New trends allow a dress code of patterns and varied colors, although care must be taken when going out of the formal, as it can be ridiculous rather than modern, a white tuxedo shirt is an ideal option.

The Collar Of The Smoking Shirt That Is Designed To Wear A Bow Tie

Don’t make the mistake of minimizing the importance that accessories will have on the overall result of your style. Tuxedo shirt collars, also called ‘opera collars’, owes its design to its star accessory, the bow tie. This type of collar is higher and its peaks are small and separated to give importance to the bow tie in question. 

This option is the one indicated in tailcoat shirts, tuxedo suits allow a standard collar, which can be pique if the bib is.

Make Sure The Cuffs Are Double To Wear The Cufflinks

There is no discussion. The right shirt for this type of suit should have double cuffs. In addition, we recommend choosing cufflinks that define you and represent your style, which can be combined with buttons.

How Should The Buttons Be Like On Your Smoking Shirt?

It is another detail that you must take into account. Generally, a top-quality black button fastening. If you want to opt for a minimalist look, you can opt for a shirt with hidden buttons.

This classic and elegant cut garment is internationally recognized as the quintessential men’s suit. In fact, the men’s party etiquette lists it as the perfect choice for parties held late in the afternoon and at night. Do not give up choosing the perfect tuxedo shirt.