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Is a baby about to be born in your circle of friends? Will your new nephew or niece be born soon? If you don’t know how to choose the best gift for a newborn baby, this article is for you!

Buying a newborn gift set can be an exciting but also stressful task, since it is not easy to find the most suitable set of clothes since you have to think about many details and it is difficult to control them all. 


Next, we will present a series of points that you must take into account before choosing the newborn gift Malaysia:

Practical and comfortable garments

One of the aspects that the parents of the baby will value the most when receiving the gift is that it is an easy garment to put on and take off. What do we mean by this? It’s very easy, one of the tasks that predominates in a baby’s routine is diaper changes, so it will be vital that the garment has hooks or buttons in the crotch area.

Hypoallergenic fabrics

 The most valued fabric in baby clothes is, without a doubt, cotton. Babies usually have very delicate skin and allergies or atopic skin is very common during the first months. That is why at Piccoole we have the Newborn Baby Clothes collection, a collection in which quality, delicacy, softness and love for our babies predominate.

The colors don’t matter

In the old days, it was almost mandatory to buy baby clothing sets that were pink for girls and blue for boys. Today this belief is practiced less and less and at Piccoole we offer a wide variety of designs and colors for all boys and girls, without differentiating between genders and supporting diversity. Choose the color and model that you like the most!

Size matters

 The range of weight and size of a baby is immense and here we will give you a piece of advice to get it right yes or yes: buy him a piece of baby clothing that he can use later. For this it is necessary that you calculate the season of the year well. Hot or cold, at Piccoole we have baby clothes for both fall/winter and spring/summer.


First set sets. In the Newborn Baby Clothes collection we have sets of great quality and comfort to accompany this new member of the family in their first days.


 The shawls or blankets for babies are an accessory that cannot be missing in a baby’s wardrobe. They are very useful to protect them from the cold or to decorate a photograph. Visit our Baby Wraps section, available in two colors and in a very versatile size: 110 x 110 cm


Baby rompers or diaper covers are a very useful and comfortable garment. In addition to that, they provide an extra style to the baby’s outfit. Find the one you like the most in our section of Baby Rompers.

Rompers or pajamas

 It is clear that during the first months of a baby’s life, the comfort of their clothes is very important. In recent years, a style very similar to that worn by adults has been adopted: jeans, sneakers… At Piccoole we believe that these garments do not help the baby to be comfortable or to be able to move freely, which is why we are committed to elastic, soft and comfortable garments such as baby rompers.