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Ideas To Combine Your Hoodie

A few years ago, hoodies were normally worn for walks out of town, sports activities, or chilly nights with Netflix, but their usage has changed recently and now, previously boring hoodies have taken on a new life among trends most current.

Hoodies are a basic garment that gives you the flexibility to combine them in various ways. That is why it has become an essential ingredient in many of the most popular street style outfits. We can watch top fashion bloggers and celebrities transforming casual hoodies into stylish combos while pairing them with basically anything from accessories to leather jackets to miniskirts.

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Who said you can’t look stylish, comfortable and trendy at the same time? Hoodies are definitely making a name for themselves in fashion trends and we want to show you some of the hottest ways to wear them in just about every setting.

Office looks with sweatshirt and blazer

Our first suggestion for you is to pair this hoodie with classy skinny jeans and finish it off with a chic touch of on-trend heels. 

This modern combination can be perfect for a day at the office, but also for lunch with your friends or even for dinner. So chic and classy but still comfortable. We love this combo!

Layering with a sweatshirt and trench coat

We are sure that you have seen this look on many of the top fashion blogs. This new elegant and simple outfit definitely cannot fail in the street style fashion scene. 

We love this hoodie color (but you can experiment with a wide color palette at Playboy) with our Playboy shirt and we think layering a big coat on top is the main component needed to pull off this street style. Therefore, you can change it to a more elegant style and, for example, replace sneakers with high-heeled boots.

Biker look with sweatshirt and leather jacket

We propose combining a gray or black hoodie with a casual leather jacket and black boots to create this total black look. Black never goes out of style and we love this combination! Accessories such as a hat or sunglasses complete this outfit in a sporty or elegant one, you decide!

Total nude look

Not sure how to style your hoodie? Neutral colors are probably the safest option, especially beige tones are extremely on trend this season. Why not create a total nude look with oversized trousers, a men’s blazer or a coat?

“Lady” looks with a sweatshirt and a colorful skirt

Should sweatshirts always be combined with pants? Absolutely not! Here’s some great outfit inspiration on how to wear a navy blue hoodie for a very girly look. You can wear a hoodie with a skirt or over the dress. We are in awe of this colorful spring look! You can also go for a sleek version and go for more sober colors, but with spring approaching soon, we’re craving some vibrant hues!

Street style queen in sweatshirt, faux leather pants and heels

Pairing leather pants and a hoodie with some fancy heels can be a perfect combination and it can add a special and interesting touch to your look with a sweatshirt, so this combination is definitely worth checking out! 

We love this modern outfit because of the faux fur that adds a new update to this combo and while it’s paired with high heels, it’s a great example that sportswear can be worn with a strong feminine attitude.