Jewelry Containing Kidney Stones

Jewelry-industry kidney stones are actually nephrite or hematite. Historically, crystal healers used the stones as a means of “treating” kidney problems, thus the name kidney stone. Although gallstones and kidney stones haven’t been used to make jewelry, it doesn’t mean they’ve never been used. For instance, the ring Larry Hagman wore. Hagman (I Dream of Jeannie, Dallas) decided to have gallstones removed after receiving a liver transplant. Even though most hospitals do not allow patients to take home spare parts, celebrities have their own perks. One of Hagman’s gallstones was turned into a ring by a friend who is an artist. Hagman, however, does not wear the ring as he claims it is too soft and may break. As a result, he keeps his once-internal keepsake in a velvet box, hidden away in a “special place.”


Stonehenge’s elegance and imposing size inspired many theories about its ancient origins and purpose before the complexity of its design was revealed. What was its purpose? What was its purpose? To be a druidic temple of the moon? Could Irish petrified giants have magically been transported from abroad, as one imaginative legend suggests? A midsummer sunrise alignment was detected by William Stukeley as early as 1740. There have been an increasing number of astronomical links established since the late 19th century, whose sophistication and precision contradict the widespread notion of a prehistoric race more apelike than human.


Gerald S. Hawkins, an expert on Stonehenge and author of several books on the subject, saw in the arrangement of stones an elaborate scheme to align the moon and sun: “Stonehenge I (the earliest construction) had 11 key positions, each of which was paired with another, often more than one time, in order to point 16 times to ten of the twelve extremes of the sun and moon;  The monument, so subtle in form yet so ingenious in function, acted as a computer to predict the terrifying natural phenomena of solar and lunar eclipses.” According to Hawkins, Stonehenge III with its five trilithons and heel stones pointed 8 times to eight of those same extremes.


People often think that this ring is disgusting, but we see it as a symbol of our unique beginning, our love of extraterrestrials, and our forever relationship. This ring is truly a one-of-a-kind creation thanks to Jewelry by Johan.

I wish you all a happy start to the fourth month. Although it is completely fictitious, we hope you enjoyed reading this kidney stone proposal story. We love bringing our customers’ jewelry visions to life, but we have yet to be contacted about a kidney stone ring. Should that day come, we will respectfully decline.