The Transparent Clear Jewelry Storage Book Is An Idea

The first jewelry box most girls received as young girls is forever etched in their minds. It was probably made of inexpensive fiberboard or paper wrapped in shiny pink or glossy white laminate. Exteriors were less important than interiors. When the lid came off, the box played beautiful rhymes while a dazzling ballerina performed in front of the on-looking audience. These boxes don’t last very long, so it’s understandable. Eventually, the ballerina showed her age and stopped putting on those daily performances. If you want to remember those times, it is best to invest a little money and get a box that will last a lifetime and can be passed down to subsequent generations. Jewelry Storage

A Girl’s Guide to Choosing a Jewelry Box

Locally in your area as well as online at specialty retailers, there are millions of stores that sell jewelry containers. When selecting the right box, you should look for a few things. Choose one that is constructed well and is sturdy. As well as pieces she will receive over her early childhood years, you’ll want something functional for her to store her secret treasures Jewelry Storage

Availability Jewelry Storage

Most jewelry boxes for little girls are no longer than six inches in length. There is usually one lift out lid, a storage compartment underneath, and a single drawer. Musical boxes and ballerina boxes often have hidden mechanical units underneath. Make sure you consider how much jewelry your daughter has and where she may place the box in her room.


Jewelry boxes made of solid wood, quality veneers, or leather are usually better quality. There are a lot of demands placed on an exterior finish for children. It should be either a quality dual hinge or a long piano hinge made of brass, stainless steel, or a quality metal. You should be able to open and close the lid easily. Jewelry Storage

Within the Interior

Better jewelry boxes will usually be lined with faux velvet or a suede-like material. Some linings will be treated with anti-tarnish chemicals and will be marked as such.ces that are lined with paper or cardboard. They will come unglued with time and are not suitable for humid or hot environments. You should choose a ballerina jewelry box that has high quality ballerina mechanisms and that springs back consistently.

Featuring Music

Key wound mechanisms are common in musical boxes. You should make sure that the music mechanism plays in tune and is not over wound. You should be able to distinguish between each song clearly. There are many childhood songs available. Colors and themes: Today, you will find a lot of jewelry boxes featuring fairy tales, mermaids and ballerinas. If the image is silk-screened directly onto the piece, it will be of higher quality than stickers. Jewelry boxes come in pink and white, which are the most popular colors. You can also find pieces in pastel colors and stained woods. To choose a color, it is best to know your little girl as well as the decor in which it will be placed.

As She Gets Older Jewelry Storage

Every little girl grows up eventually. Usually around the age of 10 they will want something more like their mother. This time around, you will be looking for jewelry boxes for girls that are a little more mature. In later life, she is more likely to want to revisit her favorite childhood memory. A humidified environment is preferred over an attic for storing jewelry boxes. Low temperatures and high heat will deteriorate the finish. It is best to store the keep sake in a closet or under the bed. In your quest to find the perfect jewelry box for your little girl, we hope this information will be helpful to you.