Sustainable Permanent Jewelry Brands Offer Sentimentality

In recent years, permanent jewelry has become increasingly popular. Although “permanent jewelry” may cause anxiety, it is nothing to be frightened of. Claspless necklaces, bracelets, rings, or anklets are simply welded back together once they are custom-made for you. For those looking for a keepsake with longevity, three local companies – LINK x LOU, Love Saro, and Dainty Permanent Jewelry – shared their take on why permanent jewelry has risen in popularity.

1.Permanent Jewelry Dainty:

Having a permanent piece of jewelry is more sentimental for Holly Cummings than traditional jewelry because it is a piece that will be worn for a longer period of time. Defining one’s style is also important for Cummings. That is one of the reasons why she began the brand. The jeweler Catbird and the Atelier VM in Paris were inspirational to me. I prefer simple, yet sophisticated style,” she said. Sustainable sourcing and thinking about quality are ever-present values when it comes to Cummings. Permanent bracelets and non-permanent rings created by Dainty Permanent Jewelry are only crafted from durable materials and solid 14k gold.

2.Permanent Jewelry A personal Accessory:

A delicate solid gold chain that your jeweler customizes and ‘welds’ to you. A seamless bracelet is created since the bracelet is welded on, without a clasp. There is no pain, no fuss, and no stress involved! Whether you need a friendship bracelet, mother-daughter bonding, bachelorette party accessories, or to treat yourself to something practical, this is the easiest accessory you will ever own. You can choose from a wide variety of chains and charms made from 14k solid yellow gold.

3.Choices of chains:

Here are the chain options for you to start dreaming about your new bracelet. You will choose your chain when you come in. Even though we aim to keep all chains in stock, they aren’t guaranteed to be available at all times. Prices are adjusted for longer or shorter bracelets. White gold is available upon request. Chains are 14k yellow solid gold and priced for 6-7″ length.

4.The link x the Lou:

Jordan Louis, founder and CEO of LINK x LOU, knew she had an idea when she contemplated flying to New York for a permanent piece of jewelry. In Denver, she couldn’t find anything like the bracelet she had seen on a friend from NYC-based brand Catbird, “the OG of permanent jewelry.” At the time COVID hit, Louis was an esthetician, and she found the answer when reading a women’s entrepreneurship book. It hit me when the book said, ‘if you don’t have a solution for a problem, then you’re responsible for it.’ LINK x LOU was created at that moment, when the whole vision came into being.” As soon as she realized what her business was, she began building it. As Louis explained, her brand is meant for “everyone and anything, especially those who value sustainability and simplicity.

5.The love of Saro:

Love Saro, based in Boulder, was created in part out of a desire for creative expression. The company’s designer and cofounder Sacha Jarmon, who had returned from maternity leave and been isolated for a while, was thrown into another shutdown in early 2020. After her children went to sleep at night, she would do a lot of beadwork. As Jarmon photographed her pieces on her mother’s marble sculptures, she began noticing that the jewelry and sculpture went well together. Thus began the Love Saro collection. With Love Saro permanent jewelry, we start by taking your measurements to determine which bracelet, necklace, or anklet is most comfortable.